Time has gone, when it is enough to be a woman. Now, the first date is equally stressful for both the genders. Today’s men are demanding too, when it comes to relationship. They want everything to be perfect on their date, which makes it quite challenging for a woman to live up to the expectation. There are ways, by which you can make a man fall for you at the first date, and on the contrary, there are few disasters which may even make you lose a man as well. Keeping the seriousness of this topic, here we are with the relationship advice.

Here are top 5 first date tips for women:

1) Wear something trendy- Your dress makes your first impression on someone, so wear a dress that makes you look stylish and elegant. Wearing anything that is way too bold or over conservative can be harmful. I don’t really think I need to explain why you should not wear anything too bold. However the only reason why I suggested you not wear an over conservative dress, is the fact that you might not like the guy to assume you are old fashioned.

2) Complement him- Today’s men love to be admired about their personalities. If you are dating a handsome and muscular man, then you can complement him for his physical fitness or dressing sense, if he dresses well (kidding!). You can also complement him about the selection of the venue (if he selected it). If you do so, it will show you that are confident while talking to him, which will ultimately make him fall for you. Men love confident women!

3) Be communicative- Prefer not to be a mere listener (until or unless he is way too talkative), and try to contribute in the conversation. It will make him feel that you are interested in the conversation, which will bring you both in a free zone. Don’t hesitate to answer his questions (but you may also decide to skip any question, if you really want to).

4) Don’t mention your past- You might have faced several bad situations in your past. Try to avoid mentioning those tough times, while talking to him. See, nobody is interested to know about your past on the first date. If you guys continue, then there will be plenty of chances, when you can tell him about your past.

5) Do not share your personal details (if you don’t know him) - No matter how much you like him, don’t share your personal information like your address, where you work and so on. This is the most important points in this list of 5 first date tips for women. Reason behind this is that you don’t know what is going to happen next. You don’t know him well. And there is always a probability that he may misuse your personal info. Remember, prevention is better than cure!