Men are very predictable! You can tell about a man, on the basis of his behaviors. On the same ground, I have compiled a list of 7 signs he s falling in love with you. You can use these signs to know if the guy you like is falling for you or not.

  • Style of communication- Guys have this peculiar egoistic style of talking (not all, but most of them do). A guy, who you know had a rough (egoistic) style of communication, has now gone soft for you, means he s falling in love with you. See, there’ll be people who’ll say what a bulls*** is this. But trust me; you must not listen to them. This is what happens in actuality!
  • Behavior with others – Has he been ignoring other girls? If yes, then you better understand that it is one of the signs he s falling in love with you, as there’s no other way, he’d do that. You can never expect a guy to ignore girls, but when he does, it means you mean something to him, which won’t be possible unless he s falling for you.
  • He’ll bring gifts and plan surprises – Yeah, this is one, very traditional manly notion to show affection to any girl, which I guess is ‘cute’. If he has started bringing gifts for you consistently, or has been surprising you more often than not, there is a strong possibility that he s falling for you.
  • He’ll want to take you out- Guys think that they can’t be romantic in college /work (I’ve never been able to figure out why), so they ask us out. I remember once, one of my college mate came to me and said, “Have dinner with me”. I replied (bluntly), “why?” He was shocked for a moment (probably because that was quite an unexpected answer to his sweet proposal), then he said I want to talk to you, and I can’t do that right here. I said yes, but I was like “why the hell he can’t talk to me here?” Later on, when we were having a romantic candlelight dinner, he explained me that guys can’t be romantic at places like colleges/offices.
  • He’ll take care of you- If he s falling for you, he’ll call you ten times just to know if you had lunch. I know that’s annoying, but there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s how guys are! They call us for every tiny bit. They’d want to make sure we had our meals, submitted our assignments, went for the regular health check-up and so on. Again, there are no evident reasons for this, but that is what they do, you can refuse to acknowledge that, but there’s no way you wouldn’t have experienced that if you’ve been in a relationship before.
  • He’ll try to dig out information about you- He will want to know when would you want to get married, what would you want to have in your man (as in style/profession/status. Don’t get any wrong, what’d be your family’s take on you being in a relationship, your likes/dislikes and so on. Maybe answers to these questions sophisticate them with the ability to be prepared for you likes and requirements or may be something else. But in any case, he’d do this if he s falling in love with you

This was relationship advice for this time stay tuned for more!