They say that a mother has the greatest responsibility, because she is the one who gives birth to the child. However, I beg to differ a little – being a mother, I know that a father is just as much responsible for the child as the mother.

But the question that pops up more often than not is how do you recognize a bad father? Honestly speaking, the symptoms are pretty much the same for a bad parent, irrespective of the gender.

As a father, if you are not giving your child the time he or she deserves, if you don’t know who his friends are, you are qualifying pretty quickly for top honors in the category of bad dad.

And believe me, at such a stage, no matter how much relationship advice you get, it is not going to help you.

Agreed that you might not have time to get involved in the day to day affairs of your child, but you need to know what is happening in their lives. You owe your kids that much!

One doesn’t need to have professional relationship advice to understand that if you are physically or verbally abusing your child, you are a bad dad. This is something that is taken for granted.

As a dad, you are not just a provider for your child and family, but you are also their first role model. For a child, his father is always the best, the strongest, the most intelligent – so don’t let them lose that impression!

Let your child look up to you and become a better person, both in their personal as well as professional lives. Let them learn from the good that you do, and make them see a better way, from the mistakes that you might make!