Wondering how to make a boy fall in love with you?

This might be an easy task for many girls, but for some, it could be as difficult as climbing Everest. If you belong to the second category, then you have landed on the right place. I, being an introvert girl, very well know how does it feel when the guy, you have crush on, says ‘Hi’ everyday and passes by your side. And you keep on wondering what you could possibly do that makes him...
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How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love

How long does it take to fall in love? Who knows? Can anyone really tell you how long it can take for you to fall in love? For some, it might happen in the blink of the eye, and for some, it might not happen, for as long as they live. No one can really ever tell you when love will walk into your life, and how quickly or slowly you will fall in love....
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How to Get Back My Man

You are in a relationship with a guy and love him with your life. Something happened, and you lose the charm of your relationship! What then? Probably not talking to each other, not going out for lunch/dinner or movies, and missing each other! Then, after some time, you realize that the mistake was yours and now you regret that. And now, all you want is him to be back, the way he has been always....
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Are You a Dad Gone Bad?

They say that a mother has the greatest responsibility, because she is the one who gives birth to the child. However, I beg to differ a little – being a mother, I know that a father is just as much responsible for the child as the mother. But the question that pops up more often than not is how do you recognize a bad father? Honestly speaking, the symptoms are pretty much the same for a bad parent, irrespective of...
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Office Romance- Do’s and Don’ts!

There was once a time, when office romance was a taboo; did you know that dating within one’s unit is not allowed within the Federal Bureau of Investigation? But if you are not working with the FBI and have been really attracted towards your smart and savvy secretary, there shouldn’t be much stopping you from asking her out....
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Is your partner cheating on you?

You always thought that the love you shared with the person you are married to, would last a lifetime, didn’t you? You still feel that way, but you are, at times, wondering if there is something wrong, because you have caught them whispering over the phone, or talking while inside the bathroom. Why would they have to do that, right? Unless…..unless they are cheating on you!...
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