You like him. You want to be with him. But how do you know if he feels the same way about you too? Does he like you too?

There are ways of knowing, tell-tale signs he is falling in love; all you need to do is look closely and observe. His words and actions are the best way that you can find out if he is actually ready to commit to you.

Have you felt that he has been communicating more with you in the past few weeks? Has he been talking more about what he wants with life and how he sees his future? Does he want to listen to you more, asking you more and more insightful questions? Chances are that he is in love with you and wants to know if you two will truly be compatible in the days to come.

If a man changes or at least, rearranges his priorities, then you can be pretty sure that he is getting ready for a serious relationship in his life. If suddenly, you become more important than his favorite sports match or if he chooses an evening with you, over a boys night out, you are about to get lucky in love! These are all signs he is falling in love!

For a man who is truly discovering love, gifts and surprises become a part of life. Observe if he is sending you little love notes or is remembering when your birthday is or what your favorite perfume is. All these little actions are indicators of his feelings.

Calling and texting are all a part of the wooing agenda that most men follow, but if you notice a change in the pattern, things might be getting a little more serious. For instance, if he is calling you without a rhyme or reason, and without really paying attention to the clock, there might be something more serious brewing in his mind. Similarly, if he sends you sweet little messages to ask you how your day is going, or if you had your lunch on time, he is definitely falling in love with you!

The fact that he is spending so much more time with you, and is talking about how he sees you in his future is one of the best signs he is falling in love. No man will want to take you to meet his family and closest friends, if he is not interested in being with you, for a really long time.

However, one of the biggest signs he is falling in love, would be the day when he says those three magical words – I love you!