You’re cute, smart, sensible and witty, yet you don’t have a boyfriend! Added to that, you’re tired of listening to your girl friends, who always talk about their boyfriends. And now, you too have to have one!
Is that what’s your problem? If yes, then don’t worry, as it won’t be there anymore. Read on this post, which will answer all your doubts about how to get a boyfriend in high school.


High school is one such place, where most of us fall in love for the first time. While, for some it could happen, before then even know they want to fall in love (lucky bastards), whereas others (people who aren’t lucky enough) have to make efforts for it. If you are looking for how to get a boyfriend in high school, then most probably in belong to the second category.

Before we move any further, I want to share few points that most of the guys look for in a girl:

• How hot she is
• Is she someone, other guys want to be with
• How popular she is
• Is she cool
• What she wears

See, the easiest thing a girl can do is to impress a guy, provided she follows the rules. Remember, a smile or a regular ‘hi’ is not enough to attract him. You must know about the latest and the most successful trends to impress a guy, which is exactly why I am here with the most exclusive relationship advice ever.

Stretch your comfort zone- The very first thing that you must do, while looking for a perfect boyfriend, is to step out from your comfort zone. You will have to work out, you must look pretty always, you must make sure he is noticing you, and so on. I know this can sound like ‘not your cup of tea’, but I never said it is going to be easy in the beginning. But yes, once you master this, this is going to be a cake walk for you.

(Note- As aforementioned, what you wear, how you look (and other points-mentioned above) are few things that matter the most to guys. If you don’t work in these areas, things are always going to be challenging for you.)

Evaluate your requirements- What kind of guy are you looking for? Do you want a bad boy or someone super cute, but decent, or a bookworm (you might not want to get a book worm boyfriends, but trust me; there are girls who fancy such guys). So, examine your own likes and dislikes. Once you are done with the analysis, make a conclusion to get started.

Make your move: Now, since you have been working out and you’re in shape (if not, keep working out and do not follow this step until you look, how you should look), and you know what you want, make a list of activities you need to add in your daily schedule. For e.g. – if you want a bad boy, you better start clubbing, going to discs in super hot clothes, get yourself inked (if you can handle that. I’ve mentioned that because most of the bad boys like inked girls) and do other similar things. However, if you want an intelligent nerd, you might want to go to library. While the best way to find cute guys, is to participate in extra-curriculum activities at school.