You have been in a serious relationship with someone. Both of you loved each other, but with time, your relationship started fading away. Eventually a time came, when you two broke up. Now, you’re struggling to get over your relationship, which might not be an easy deal.

What should you do to make that happen? Since to get over a relationship is something that is usually painful, there are two tips that can be of great help.

The very first one is ‘determination’. You may spend years after your break up and still find yourself stuck in his/her memories. It’s a will game. You can get over your relationship, only if you want to! The best way to do that is to acknowledge the present- in which you don’t have him/her anymore. This may sound blunt, but that’s the only way out. Once you confront the reality, it will be easier for you to live with it!

The second thing that one can do to get over a relationship is to get occupied. If you will do nothing, stay at home, watch romantic movie day long and keep listening to the heart rending songs, there is no way you can ever recover. Rather, buy yourself a busy schedule. Go to work, tussle for your aims, start working out (one of the most constructive ideas for getting over a relationship) and watch comedy movies in your leisure. Apart from these, you can go out with friends, and even flirt, but don’t look for a relationship (at that point of time).

All in all, you must accept what has happened, let all your past memories go, welcome future with open heart and start having fun!