Divorce – The Painful Part Of Marriage!

Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, and is meant to last a lifetime. The vows taken at the time of the marriage ceremony symbolise the promises that the bride and groom make to each other. However, not a lot of people are able to carry forward the promises, for ‘as long as they both live’, and such situation often give rise to the painful process of a divorce.

causes of divorce

Getting divorced

No one really knows how the human mind actually works; there are so many things that we still don’t know about it. This is why, what leads to the breaking of a marriage is also a mystery to many. While there are those who can quote several reasons for divorce, there are a few which have emerged as the most common ones. These include:

  • The loss of commitment towards the institution of marriage.
  • The rise of communication gap between the spouses.
  • Abuse of any kind – physical, emotional or sexual.
  • Either one of the spouses cheating.

While some logical relationship advice could take care of most of the issues that arise in between any married couple, there are situations, wherein reason holds no ground. It is in such situations that things go completely awry and divorce becomes the only way out.

However, there are certain situations, where perhaps even healthy relationship advice might not be of much help. Such are the scenarios where things have really gone out of hand and have created bridges that cannot be mended. Some of these cases include:

  • When there are differences in opinion related to not just personal, but also career related goals.
  • When the couple has jumped into marriage, with a total lack of maturity.
  • When there is incompatibility between the couple of levels that include thought process as well as physical.
  • When either one of the partners is accused of a major crime.
reasons for divorce

Divorced couple

In cases like these, even professional relationship advice might not hold any ground. However, it would still be advisable that one considers the option of talking to someone, because at the end of the day, divorce is a big decision and one that should not leave any regrets in one’s mind.

Now, amongst the innumerable divorce reasons that have been showing their ugly face, over the past few years, there are a few that are related mainly to the individual traits. These can be tabulated as such:

  • When there arises a difference between couples due to a massive change in lifestyle.
  • Quite often, in love marriages, there is a sudden cultural shock, which could be due to both partners coming from different backgrounds.
  • Mental instability has been seen to rise in couples, due to extreme stress or difficulty in becoming compatible.
  • However, the biggest reason that solicits sensible relationship advice is when a couple that was once in love, falls ‘out of love’!

Getting divorced is painful and can cause a lot of emotional turbulence in the life of all parties involved. All this gets even more complicated if there are children in the picture. If a couple is married or has been together for some years, chances are that they have kids, and those young minds suffer the most, if they are put through such a rigorous mental torture.

If you are a couple who is going through a rough phase in life and want to consider splitting up, it might be a good idea to get some relationship advice. This is all the more important if you have children, because they are your responsibility and you have to take care of them, no matter what.

However, if the causes of divorce are truly that severe, you need to have special preparation to handle the young minds. These are some of the things you can do:

  • Talk to them and make them understand why the divorce is inevitable.
  • Make them understand that no matter what, they will always be loved.
  • Discuss living conditions, if there is an impending custody battle.
  • Involve close family and friends to make the children feel secure.

A separation is never easy and almost always brings pain along with it, which is why you need to share it, and ensure that you have a support system in place, to allow you to heal!



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