Often when we start dating someone, we want to be with them even when we’re not together physically. In such times, talking on phone makes a lot of sense. But more often than not, it has been seen that we run out of topics. What then? If you don’t have much content to talk about, then it may make him believe that you aren’t an interesting person.

Here are few suggested topics that will probably answer the question ‘what to talk about with a guy on the phone’.

Start questioning! Questioning is one such thing that will give you two advantages- it will make him feel that you’re interested in him and it will also increase your knowledge about his personality.

Generally, people get started with likes and dislikes. When you ask this question, you’ll most probably get direct answers. For examples-Question: “So, what are your likes and dislikes?” Answer: I like soccer, bikes and I hate going to college every day.

Here this topic ends and hence you will have to think of something else to talk about with a guy on the phone. I have a little suggestion here. Elaborate your question! I mean, when he gives you a direct answer, try asking him:

  • what does he like in a girl
  • what does he hate in a girl
  • what kind of people he likes to hang out with
  • what kind of people he find annoying
  • what does he like about himself
  • what are the things he likes in you
  • Does he like the college campus
  • What are the places he likes to hang out in town
  • Which restraint in town does he hate the most
  • What food does he like to eat
  • What sort of music he likes and what not

All these questions are about his likes and dislikes. I am sure that you get my point that you have to ask these questions in a conversation, otherwise you will end up having an interview round with that guy, which might be something you aren’t really looking forward to.

Once you are done with the likes/dislikes. Try something else. Try ‘aims’!

Ask him about his aims. Just like the last times, this question too will have a direct answer. And once again I have the similar tip for you- elaborate your question!

Try these questions:

  • What you aim to do in next 1 year
  • What car do you want to have
  • Is there any place you always wanted to go
  • Is there any girl in our college, you wanted to go out with
  • Do you think you can be _____ someday
  • Would you like to get married early or late

I hope you get what I wanted to explain you!

Another topic that can make you keep talking for hours is – ‘what if’!

  • What if I ask you to take me out
  • What if you get a chance to go to Paris
  • What if blah…blah…blah…………..

That’s all for now, we’ll be back with this topic soon!